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About this blog

Hey there! Welcome.

I've put together this little blog to document my learning about web components. This is mainly a blog for me personally, but hopefully, it'll help others that are learning about web components too.

It'll be a bit rough around the edges and loose, but that's cool because I keep my more polished work on CSS-Tricks and Medium . It'll be nice to run a casual journal for a change of pace.

About me

My name's Andy and I started designing and building websites as a hobby in 2006 with a trusty copy of ‘Dreamweaver 8 Design and Construction’. My interest levels really peaked when I discovered that you could modify the look and feel of your MySpace page and build free GeoCities sites.

In my years of working in this industry, I have been lucky enough to work with great brands such as Harley-Davidson®, Sky, British Cycling, the NHS and Oracle. Working with these organisations has allowed me to work on exciting and challenging projects at scale.

Reach out

Got any comments or queries about this sort of stuff? You can drop me an email, or shoot over to devpal.io where I try to help front-end developers who need help with their code or need advice about the industry. You can also catch me on Twitter, where my DMs are always open.