Women using erotic toys

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Ronni - 1 December 16:39

I flirt nearly constantly too I don't *want to flirt. I'm non interested inward people. It's just how I've learned to verbalise to people. Eyecontact? Yeah, fucking of courseofstudy eyecontact. I'm fucking talking to someone! Double entaundres? YOU CANNOT SAY ANYTHING ANYMORE WITHOUT IT Beingness A DOUBLE ENTAUNDRE OH MY GOD. You can't fifty-fifty say the alphabeticcharacter d anymore without people making it about a penis. It's a neucense. I sense similar I can't verbalize with people because they turn it into something I don't want. Talking a lot, finding interests? YES BECAUSE YOU'RE MY CONVERSATION PARTNER!

Preas - 29 September 09:12

Love that cunt looks existent tasty your tits are flawless also. im sure you would be fun to play with .

Sidell - 4 August 16:17


Albu - 1 May 14:05

An attractive immature lady, who enjoyed taking part..............she was divine, wouldn't nous a chance with her !

The morethan I view this, the ameliorate it gets.She was so natural with the anal, aswellas it was goodness having her chat through the fuck session.

Leino - 12 June 05:34

jesus i think i know her...u know who she is so i confirm?

Keator - 19 October 12:00

Wow! :-P ...she's BEAUTIFUL!! :-)