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001: The Start

As the about page suggests, I'm going to write as I learn web components on this little blog here. As of today, I don't really know much, but I'm definitely excited.

I see web components as a major opportunity for the web platform as a whole. Yes, there's JavaScript frameworks, which themselves are doing a fantastic job of progressing the platform, but baked in capability to build rich applications seems like a winner to me.

My initial feelings

I've been thinking about web components for a while now. I appreciate how Dave Rupert keeps them in conversation in Shop Talk Show episodes and really felt for him when the HTML imports dream disappeared. With that, my interest also fell off because I thought "what's the point" when Vue seemed to be doing a good job with single file components.

This has all changed though. At Google I/O, Monica Dinculescu gave a really interesting talk, which I think you should watch because it's certainly really inspired me.

A poster image from this video

In the talk, a PWA starter kit and some very useful PWA helpers were announced and demonstrated. I'm a really big fan of the ~25 line router especially.

I constantly try to reduce weight in what I produce on the web, so this approach really appeals to me. The only thing I'm really not feeling right now is template literals for templating. I'm willing to give it a fair crack though.

I'll kick off my learning with those repositories. Maybe I'll make something really simple to just get a feel of things. I'll write about it here for sure.