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002: A whistle-stop tour

I thought the best thing to do to get started is to get a feel for Polymer. Polymer and web components have a strong association and people seem to say good things about it. Also, the talk and repositories that I mentioned in 001 are all based on Polymer.

I found this great little tool that lets you play with Polymer and web components right on the page. This is great because there's no mucking around setting up configs. You're just straight into the code.

Although the examples are pretty basic, I feel like I know what's going on a bit more now, which feels good!

Hey, you look a bit like Vue!

I've gotta say it: this all feels very familiar. I work with Vue every day, so it didn't take long for Polymer to feel very similar in places. This is a good thing because familiarity should carry me through learning more than if I hadn't been working with Vue. I think it'll also help me search for the right sort of things when I get stuck.

I wouldn't say that Vue experience is a pre-requisite though. I'm just feeling like I might find some of the concepts easier to grasp. I've also worked plenty with React and again, this feels similar to some of that stuff too.

Next stop: Shadow DOM

I have a very weak understanding of the shadow DOM. Polymer and web components seem to use it heavily, so I'm going to dive into it to gain some understanding before I continue with Polymer stuff.

I'll write what I find / learn in the next article.